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Shoppers Can Now Buy Single Malt Scotch from Leading Distillers, Including Macallan, Online at

The Whiskey Place, an online retailer of scotch and other quality liquors from around the world, is currently spotlighting its collection of single malt Macallan scotch.

NEW YORK, Jan. 30, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — The Whiskey Place, a vendor of fine scotch whiskey and other liquors from across the globe, is now highlighting its collection of coveted Macallan scotch. An expanded selection of bottles from the popular distillery is available now at .

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"Macallan scotch has been called the Rolls-Royce of single malts. Made at a traditional distillery in the Speyside district, single malt scotch from this celebrated brand features flavors prized throughout the world. At The Whiskey Place, we are proud to stock a variety of bottles from Macallan at affordable prices. We cater to the enthusiast as well as the beginner, and invite everyone interested in our world-class inventory to explore our online store and begin their search for the perfect scotch," said Moshe Zimmerman, CEO of The Whiskey Place.

One of the best values available for those who wish to buy single malt scotch from this celebrated distiller is Macallan's 10 Year Fine Oak distillation. This single malt scotch has a smooth, light to medium body and an amber color; the bottle also features a sherry-filled nose with additional honey and floral notes. Overall, its palate is lightly buttery and malty, with lively, youthful flavors that should appeal especially to the novice enthusiast. The Whiskey Place now sells this Macallan bottle for just $45.99, with additional discounts available when customers buy in bulk.

Another popular selection from the company's inventory of Macallan scotch is the 12 Year distillation. This single malt scotch has a full body, as well as an amber color like its younger counterpart. The bottling is also notable for its sherry- and butterscotch-filled nose, complemented by a honeyed malt character; it features a depth of aromas uncommon among scotches of a similar maturation. Its palate includes lots of sherry, plenty of malt, and an overall sweetish, rounded character. This 12-year-old scotch is available from The Whiskey Place for $55.99, though discounts are available when customers buy 12 or more bottles at once.

For customers who wish to buy scotchwith a more concentrated flavor, the Macallan Cask Strength bottle is an ideal choice. This scotch is drawn straight from the cask and is not chill filtered or reduced in strength prior to bottling. Macallan's Cask Strength offering has a medium full, very smooth body and bears a burnished bronze hue. A smooth finish and an especially fragrant nose give this single malt scotch a unique tasting profile; the Cask Strength scotch's palate features a soft, sweet fruitiness with aspects of vanilla and oak. The Whiskey Place sells this distillation for merely $79.99, making it an appealing choice for casual hobbyists and collectors alike. In addition, the retailer features a rotating selection of Special Deals through which visitors can claim further savings, which apply to its scotch inventory as well as its other top-tier liquors.

To learn more about the company's selection, or to buy scotch from Macallan and a wide variety of other leading distilleries, visit The Whiskey Place's website, , or call 877-944-6440. Customers can also visit the company's blog, , for additional details, drink recipes, and information. The Whiskey Place is also on Twitter at and on Facebook at

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