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SMBs Compete Against Heavy Hitters Groupon and Living Social with New Deal Building Platform "Easy Deal Builder"

"Easy Deal Builder" software is on course to democratize and streamline scarcity based, deal making on the Internet by offering a long awaited solution, for even the most budget minded small business owner.

MINDEN, Nev., June 20, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – MemberSpeed has announced its newest web-based software, a deal-building platform named Easy Deal Builder.

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Spokesman and CEO of MemberSpeed Inc. Jeremy Gislason explained the reason for its creation: "In the past many business owners turned to sites like Groupon, Living Social and other deal sites to create quick deals online. This is because until now those types of sites provided two major advantages, almost exclusively, and we felt there needed to be more options."

The first major advantage these sites offer are some of the best examples of expertly coded countdowns, and other psychological and social pressure points, used on the web to exploit the high converting effects of "perceived scarcity".

In testing, the use of scarcity tactics has been shown to "push" as much as three times more would-be tire kickers into making an online purchase.

The second major recognized advantage these sites provide is "ease of use".

Until now, entrepreneurs found it difficult and time consuming to code deal-making websites on their own. Thus small businesses were forced to pay high commissions (usually 50% or more per sale) to every site that hosted their deals.

In short, if you wanted to run a special deal online you either had to invest a lot of time or money.

In recognition of what they felt were outlandish fees charged by deal brokering websites, MemberSpeed Inc. sought to deliver to the online marketing community a better alternative.

Simon Hodgkinson, MemberSpeed's cofounder, goes on to explain, "Our goal was to allow our customers the ability to create as many customized deal brokering websites as they want, without ever having those pesky commissions eat up their profits! Furthermore, we wanted to make something that made putting up and taking down special deals online quicker and more painless than anything those high commission guys are offering!"

When asked what obstacles stood in their way Simon noted that for them, making websites with high converting sales numbers was not the problem. "We do that all the time!" he said. "However, reverse engineering that process into software that even a newbie could use successfully required extensive beta testing in the trenches, listening to tons of feedback and many re-designs to perfect."

CEO Gislason interjects, "We owe a debt of gratitude to our early testers and to our coder for their patience and secrecy throughout the lengthy beta testing process. We knew in the beginning that it would be an arduous process to create software capable of providing all the deal-brokering tools that professionals wanted in a package newbies could grasp and use, without any compromises.

"However, I think everyone will be pleased that we kept at it, until we got it right."

Gislason concluded, "There is a huge wide open market for this software right now; people that didn't even know they wanted it, want it, once they understand what it can do! I'm just ecstatic we were able to provide it!"

MemberSpeed, the makers of "Easy Deal Builder", have been servicing the online marketing community with timely solutions for over ten years. For more information on this software and its additional features or benefits please visit the Easy Deal Builder's homepage at

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