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Southern California Startup Creates Solution for the Global Problem of Contaminated Water.

IRVINE, Calif., Sept. 11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — By creating a reusable water bottle that filters up to 99% of contaminants from municipally supplied tap water, the team behind Evo Eau are poised to change the way that the world looks at water quality.

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Engineered for everyday use, the Evo Eau bottle does more than many it's mainstream competitors in terms of filtering out contaminants and harmful carcinogens like Chromium 6 in tap water. Many filtering water bottles only conform to NSF42 standards, which only asks for filters to remove 50% of chlorine from water. Some do not even conform to those miniscule standards and bottled water companies are held to even fewer. A recent study by the NRDC stated that there was no guarantee that bottled water is any cleaner than tap water and estimates that up to 25% of bottled water may just merely be "tap water in a bottle".

Evo Eau ("Evo" representing evolution and change; "Eau" is French for water) came to life after founder, Scott Moore discovered during a bicycling trip (through the San Joaquin Valley of California) that there was a major problem with the safety of our tap water: "Residents were told to boil their tap water due to Chromium 6 contamination; that isn't enough," said Scott.

Scott started Evo Eau to create tools that turn contaminated water into safe drinkable water for everyone around the world: "I saw a need for a stylish and functional filtering water bottle that anyone can use.  This bottle easily meets day-to-day hydration needs and allows the user access to any municipal water source: a sink, faucet, spigot, or fountain transforming it into great tasting, clean water instantly while you drink."

Evo Eau is currently looking to raise funds for their initial product run via IndieGoGo. Anyone may pre-order limited edition bottles, multiple bottles and filter drop sponsorships starting as low as $25. Those who wish to participate may do so at  or by clicking the Support button on the Evo Eau website at

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