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SpaceFace Gives Kids Their Very Own Social Network in Cyberspace

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif., Jan. 19, 2010 — A new social network just for kids has blasted off. With quirky graphics, educational and entertaining games, a wide range of personalization options and plenty of opportunities to interact with friends, SpaceFace ( is poised to become the virtual hangout of choice for kids ages four to fourteen.

The outer-space theme at SpaceFace adds an element of adventure. Once they join the ranks, SpaceFace members get their very own SpaceLocker which gives them access to many of the site's features, like SpaceChat, a SpaceBank Account, Games and Private Messaging. Parents, however, can rest easy: SpaceFace employs a rigid filter, which catches not just objectionable and potentially unsafe links, images and conversations, but also flags any personal or identifying information users post. The site also monitors all user content and communications 24 hours a day.

"There has been a void between the biggest social networking sites, which have minimum age requirements, and sites aimed at younger children, which often require users to purchase certain toys to join," stated SpaceFace LLC founder and CEO Scott A. Kudler. "SpaceFace has filled that void by creating a real social network that's fun and safe for everyone from preschoolers to middle-schoolers."

SpaceFace members can earn SpaceGold by logging in daily, playing games, inviting friends to join and by using SpaceChat. As users collect more SpaceGold, they can then send SpaceGold gifts to other SpaceFace members. SpaceGold can also be used to buy SpaceMall coupons to be used against any purchase made in the SpaceMall.

Like any good social networking site, SpaceFace makes it easy for users to connect with others. Along with SpaceChat, SpaceFace members can send private messages to their friends and challenge friends to games.

"We are excited to make SpaceFace available to kids," Kudler said. "We welcome new members and encourage kids and their parents to become SpaceFace explorers."

SpaceFace offers free memberships as well as paid memberships with access to exclusive content. For a limited time, every new SpaceExplorer level member will receive a free t-shirt with his or her SpaceFace avatar printed on it. To learn more, visit SpaceFace at Additional information for parents is available at .


Scott A. Kudler
SpaceFace LLC

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