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Spiritual Journeyman Neil H. Brandt Brings the 'Perfect Prayer to God' to the Digital Age, Garnering Close to 30,000 YouTube Views Within 4 Days

The Messiah Network Presents Neil H. Brandt's "Your Perfect Prayer To God!" – A Vibrant Audiovisual Presentation of a Unique Prayer That Links People Directly to God

NOVATO, Calif., June 13, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Neil's prayer is scientifically formulated and logically constructed to get God's attention in another dimension. Experience this life-changing prayer with Neil H. Brandt on The Messiah.Net website. This new endeavor is the highlight of Neil's memorable life and he wants to share his prayer with everyone. The prayer video received over 28,000 views on YouTube in the first 4 days alone! The Messiah Network has touched over 150,000 people worldwide with good feelings and uplifting messages. Here is a sample of the numerous comments from the viewers/subscribers of "Your Perfect Prayer To God!"

1. "Wow! I genuinely feel closer to God. Thank you! Just what I needed in these tough times!"
2. "This video really guided me to the right path, thanks for the video!"
3. "Thanks, the video really helped. Amen. Praying now"
4. "Nice video man I like how you show us how to pray."
5. "Aha, great prayer, this is amazing. Love the voice and background music!"
6. "Amazing inspiring video man! I'm Muslim but this is beautiful!"

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Because of the overwhelming response to the full YouTube video, Neil has now created a condensed version of the video on the website. Go to TheMessiah.Net and experience the power of this prayer!

About Neil H. Brandt:

Life has been long and colorful for Neil. After many years of spiritual quest, worldly experiences and international travel, he has created something extraordinary. Please enjoy this gift. Listen to "Your Perfect Prayer To God" as read by Neil H. Brandt on The Messiah Network.  Neil's creative accomplishments include songwriter, leader of a cutting-edge music band, Presidential Candidate, UFO expert and published author.

Some of Neil's accomplishments: During the spring of 1967 he wrote the lyrics, "Laughing, Crying, Laughing" for Robert Plant – lead singer of Led Zeppelin. This song hit #30 in England on CBS Records.  Neil became a Presidential candidate in Marin County, CA in 1988. As a recognized UFO lecturer & expert in the Mysteries of the Unknown, he appeared on many radio and TV shows (CNN, Larry King, Regis Philbin) and he has published a book and various articles on these topics.

About The Messiah Network:

The Messiah Network, responding to the uncertainties of the world in which we live and the moral and ethical challenges we face, offers a solution. Visit TheMessiah.Net. Examine, recite and then share, "Your Perfect Prayer To God!" Our goal is to help people connect directly to God. You can follow us on Twitter or Facebook or read our Blog on TheMessiah.Net.

Neil H. Brandt is the founder of TheMessiah.Net – He is available for interviews or questions regarding The Messiah Network and other specialty topics. Please contact at: Email


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