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"Sports With Schwartz" Goes in Search of Rudy During Bowl Season!

"Sports With Schwartz" Goes in Search of Rudy During Bowl Season!

NEW YORK, Jan. 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — In an article recently released on SPORTS WITH SCHWARTZ, sports media personalities Steven P. Schwartz and Glen Adams seek out the next Rudy Ruettiger and find him in the huddle with Peyton Manning!

"The College football bowl season is here and everyone is cashing in, everyone except the kids on your favorite college team. So while the colleges, the coaches, the sponsors and the host cities are all cashing in, the kids are relegated to a steak on game day and that's about it. If they're lucky to get to a bowl game that's their crowning glory. It's likely their one chance to take a bow on the national stage.  And that's it!  It's their championship. It's the Poinsettia Bowl. It's the Peach Bowl. It's the Cotton Bowl or one of the other bowl games trying to find a place on your television screen," said Schwartz and Adams.

What about the 99% of the players who don't make it?  What happens to them?

"Sports with Schwartz" has found one.

His name is Brad Pyatt.  He actually made it to the NFL!  He actually had his cup of coffee and played briefly with the Indianapolis Colts as well as the Rams, the Dolphins and the Steelers.  Brad Pyatt was on the end of a pass from Peyton Manning.  This is his story and the story of countless others who have to go on and make something of themselves after the cheering has stopped and without the benefit of having a big fat professional contract.

"So cheer on your favorite college team in this year's bowl offerings, but perhaps you should stop and think of the collateral damage after the kid takes off his shoulder pads and his star flames out," said Schwartz and Adams.

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