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StickNFind, LLC Launches BluTracker, Ultra Small Bluetooth GPS Locator on, Revealing Live Demos at CES 2013

Creators of StickNFind & MeterPlug Launch Long Range Bluetooth GPS Tracker with No Monthly Fees.

DAVIE, Fla., Jan. 3, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — StickNFind, LLC ( today announced the launch of its latest campaign: BluTracker. The BluTracker is a Bluetooth GPS locator with a range of over 2500 feet, rechargeable battery that lasts two months, and there are no service fees! Works with free iPhone and Android Apps.

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Using the completely free iPhone & Android companion Apps, users can easily pinpoint the BluTracker on an interactive map. The map displays the user's device as a blue dot & BluTracker as a red dot. Users can even create a Virtual Fence around an area by drawing a circle on the App, & receive notification if the BluTracker moves outside the Virtual Fence.

"BluTracker is like the StickNFind on steroids," said Jimmy Buchheim, Founder of StickNFind. "We were able to leverage long range Bluetooth with our own custom RF design & antennas to achieve more than a half mile range. The uses for the device are infinite; from keeping track of pets to uses for the enterprise, there is always a demand to know where things are."

Features and Benefits:

  • Track more than a half a mile. – Integrated with customized RF design & antenna, the BluTracker can be located up to 2500 ft. away, giving it incredible range.
  • GPS engine – BluTracker always knows where it is. Indoors, BluTracker will broadcast its last known position. Users can still track the device through the radar screen.
  • No Monthly Fees  – Unlike other products, there are no monthly fees associated with the BluTracker app. Once you've purchased the device, the free smartphone App will give you all the information you need without the hassle for a monthly service.
  • Motion Detection – Not only can it track distance and location, but BluTracker can also alert you when something is moved. Do you have your bike locked up somewhere? Get notified if someone moves it AND be able to find it with the App.
  • Extended Battery Life –The BluTracker uses new Bluetooth 4.0 technology allowing up to two months of battery life in between charges.
  • Concealable and Durable –The BluTracker is water resistant, the size of a matchbook and comes with a Velcro strap; making it easy to tuck away in small places including, pet collars, backpacks, or even work vehicles.

BluTracker will be showcased at CES 2013. StickNFind, LLC will be at Booth #3731, iLounge Pavilion at the Las Vegas Convention Center from January 8-11, 2013. If interested in an on-site demonstration, please contact Email

Visit the official BluTracker Indiegogo page for details:

General Specifications:

  • Technology: Bluetooth 4.0
  • Range: U.S. – up to 2500 feet with line of sight, EU – 120 Meters with line of sight
  • Battery: Rechargeable, lasts up-to two months. Requires one hour for recharge.
  • Water Resistant
  • GPS Sirf IV Engine
  • Size &weight: 1.62 Inches x 1.6 Inches x 0.65 Thickness  Weight: 0.57 ounces

About StickNFind, LLC

StickNFind, LLC is a subsidiary of SSI America. StickNFind is a product development company specializing in RF & very small Bluetooth designs. For more than 12 years, the company has been designing & managing a variety of products for large companies ranging from automotive Bluetooth solutions to various health &fitness Bluetooth products, many of which are currently being sold in retail outlets worldwide. For more information on StickNFind, visit the company's website at

Contact Information:
Ronjini Mukhopadhyay
PR for StickNFind, LLC
(949) 295-9779