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New Survey and Polling Firm to Track Opinion Trends

CHICAGO, March 22, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Survey Dynamics, LLC has launched an innovative polling service that offers a little something for everyone. Survey takers get free digital products. The producers of those products get instant mass exposure. Companies, political campaigns, and others who thrive on opinion data not only get to hear what people think, but access into how their opinions have changed over time.

The website they launched for the project is located at

Survey Trends has been gaining new members to its survey-taking community and offering free downloads of short stories and other digital content.

Survey Trends is unique in that it polls the same group of people over and over again on their opinions, taking particular note of how viewpoints and public opinion change over time. This data is then made available to organizations that find such information crucially important, such as candidates for office and companies doing market research.

With such a large community of survey takers to draw from, Survey Trends is able to offer authors, musicians, app designers, and programmers a huge audience for their work, literally giving them exposure to thousands of people overnight. Survey Trends refers to this as "splash marketing." The goal is not direct sales, but instant word-of-mouth marketing, which, of course, will lead to sales.

The content is given to the survey takers for free in exchange for their participation in taking surveys. The value to the survey takers is in receiving many dollars' worth of content at no cost to them, instantly, and being the first to know about new releases.

Survey Trends will also be analyzing the data it generates and alerting the general public to important changes in public sentiment that could have a bearing on policy discussions and political campaigns. Survey Trends will post this information to its Facebook page.

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