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Skin Animation Highlights New Dermatological Formula That Targets Psoriasis

ORMOND BEACH, Fla., Sept. 23, 2011 — Florida-based SkinHealth Technology introduces a skin animation video depicting the positive effects of its new ExtremeSkinCare Intense Treatment Balm on skin affected with psoriasis.
View the animation here: Psoriasis treatment
The powerful, dermatol…

U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization Warns of 'Possible Major Resurgence' of Avian Flu (H5N1) in Asia and a New Vaccine-Evading Strain in Vietnam and China

FAO Warnings Follow Rise in Replikins Count for Both H5N1 and Swine Flu (H1N1); Replikins Synthetic TransFlu™ Vaccine Tested
LONDON, Aug. 31 2011 — The possible combination of influenza strains H1N1 (high infectivity) and H5N1 (high lethality) is a matter of global concern (1, 2). Bioradar UK…

Revolutionary NuDerma Skin-Care Solution Stops Aging in Its Tracks

Emerging Ultra Anti-Aging Serum conditions skin, while reversing common signs of aging
SUFFERN, N.Y., June 29, 2011 — True beauty may come from within, but there's no doubt that the natural aging process and today's environmental toxins wreak havoc on the skin, making physical aesth…

WILD Announces Partnership with Sterling Technology

Immunel(TM) and Tegricel(TM) Added to H.I.T.S.(R) from WILD
ERLANGER, Ky., Oct. 20, 2010 — WILD Flavors, Inc. (WILD) is excited to announce a recently formed partnership with Sterling Technology. This new partnership makes WILD the exclusive provider of both Immunel™ and Tegricel™. Thes…

Confirmation of Bogoch Replikins Influenza Patents by Harvard-CDC and Scripps-Crucell Data

BOSTON, March 20, 2009 — Replikins, Ltd. announced today that data recently published from Harvard-CDC and Scripps-Crucell in Nature(1) and Science(2) confirms the 2001 discoveries by Dr. Samuel and Elenore Bogoch of peptides in the hemagglutinin unit of influenza, which they named Replikin…