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Tetherboard Receives Bluetooth SIG “Breakthrough Of the Year” Award For Tethercell Bluetooth-Powered Battery Adapter

Tethercell Scores Top Honors at Mobile World Congress For Innovative Bluetooth Design

LOS ANGELES, March 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Tetherboard (, the creator of the Tethercell, announces its "Breakthrough Prototype of The Year" award from the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG). The ceremony, held at Mobile World Congress 2013, recognized innovative applications of Bluetooth technology. With more than 300 award submissions, Tethercell won both its Prototype Category and the overall prize of "Breakthrough of the Year" in Bluetooth innovation.

Designed by aerospace engineers, Tethercell is an app-enabled battery adapter allowing users to control and measure AA-battery-operated devices from their smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. Using the mobile app users can power on/off devices at will or schedule a time for devices to turn on or stay off, all at the press of a button.

"If you ever find yourself questioning whether you turned the baby monitor on or not, the Tethercell eliminates the need to tip-toe back into a room where a sleeping baby (or child) may be," said Trey Madhyastha, Co-Founder, Tertherboard. "Eventually we'd like to get it to the point where we can incorporate a rechargeable battery with location and battery life measurement components all-in-one. Bluetooth Smart enables all kinds of possibilities for uses tethered to our mobile devices."

NEW: The Tethercell App now includes a "locate" feature that will enable users to find their battery-operated devices by measuring Bluetooth signals within a given range.

Tetherboard continues to fund and improve its product, and has 48 days to get community support. Tethercell at, where contributors can be the first to try Tethercell technology. App developers are also welcome to create their own applications for the product.

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About Tetherboard
Founded in 2012 by design engineers Trey Madhyastha and Kellan O'Connor, Tetherboard applies its collective experience of more than 20 years in the mechanical design and aerospace industries to conceptualize and produce intelligently designed consumer products.  Tetherboard's first product, Tethercell, is a triple-A battery operated adapter to function in AA-powered devices. Using the power of Bluetooth Smart, the adapter can transmit battery consumption data, have schedule on/off times for battery powered devices and turn on/off devices at the touch of a virtual button using the companion app.