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The Hugster(r) Wearable, Multipurpose Nursing Pillow – Not Just For Mothers The Hugster(r)

LEE'S SUMMIT, MO (Dec. 15, 2000) – The prospect of holding an apparently fragile newborn addition to the family can be daunting, especially to first-time fathers and siblings who may not be used to caring for small infants. The Hugster(r), already well known as the premiere infant support pillow for nursing mothers, helps alleviate the concerns of family members and others by making it easier for them to hold and cuddle the baby. The ergonomic assistance afforded by The Hugster(r) helps adults and older children to become familiar with their new relative comfortably and safely. Later on, The Hugster(r) can also help babies who are just learning to sit up.

The Hugster(r) has been acclaimed as one the best nursing pillows on the market for several years. With its special cushioned back support designed to prevent back strain and an adjustable Velcro fastener, it provides much needed comfort and support to everyone who spends time holding an infant. Recently acquired by KISSES FROM HEAVEN, a Missouri-based firm specializing in products that promote family bonding, The Hugster(r) is now being recognized as an outstanding way to ease the process of bonding between infants and all family members.

The Hugster(r) has drawn praise from health professionals who enthusiastically endorse its comfort, reliability, and versatility. "People love The Hugster(r). It's incredible the huge difference it can make in comfort…. Of all the nursing pillows, I like The Hugster(r)," said Registered Nurse Bettina Pearson.

Several Hugster(r) sister products are also available. The Deluxe Hugster(r) has drawn praise for its ability to support twins and to prevent discomfort related to Cesarean sections, as well as its cushioned lower lumbar support. The Deluxe Hugster(r) adjusts to fit waists from 27 to 52 inches.

Other Hugster(r) products include a travel version, TravelHug(tm) and The Hugster(r) hospital quality nursing pillow. TravelHug(tm), the travel version of The Hugster(r), is notable for its side support and usefulness in preventing neck strain. Great in cars, on trains, or on planes, it also can be used to provide travel support for toddlers.

The Hugster(r) is also available in a version designed specifically for health care facilities which features a patented Staph Chek(tm) hospital grade cover that can be sanitized with mild soap and water. This hospital version of The Hugster(r) is also available with anti-microbial stuffing. Consumer versions of The Hugster(r), The Deluxe Hugster(r) and TravelHug(tm) with anti-microbial stuffing are also available via special order. Standard Hugster(r) products are made with a special hypoallergenic polyester blend.

Manufacturer KISSES FROM HEAVEN, INC., best known for its Infant Massage Kit, recently acquired all ownership rights and patents pertaining to The Hugster(r) pillow from Northern California firm Precious Bundles. A partnership between massage therapist Michelle Moe and former Kansas City Chiefs offensive lineman Jeff Criswell, KISSES FROM HEAVEN has made family bonding products its primary focus.

The KISSES FROM HEAVEN team is enthusiastic about all of The Hugster(r) products and their features," said Michelle Moe. "A lot of nursing pillows are on the market right now, but in terms of safety, flexibility and comfort, none of them quite match up to the level provided by The Hugster(r), The Deluxe Hugster(r) and TravelHug(tm)" she added.

"These are truly great products, that we believe people are really going to love," agreed partner Jeff Criswell. "Best of all, these great pillows further KISSES FROM HEAVEN's primary mission of reinforcing family bonds. Between this and our Infant Massage Kit, Michelle and I are two very proud business people," he concluded.

The suggested retail prices for The Hugster(r) products are:

The Hugster(r) $25.00

The Deluxe Hugster(r) $35.00

The Hugster(r) (antimicrobial) $30.00

The Deluxe Hugster(r) (antimicrobial) $40.00

TravelHug(tm) $ 7.00

The Hugster(r) (hospital version, for professional use only) Staph Chek(tm) cover $20.00 $ 2.25

The Deluxe Hugster(r) (hospital version, for professional use only) Staph Chek(tm) cover $25.00 $ 2.25

All prices include shipping. For additional details and product information on The Hugster(r) and on Kisses From Heaven infant massage kits, contact Kisses From Heaven, Inc. at P.O. Box 6742, Lee's Summit, Missouri 64064. Phone: 888-833-8697 or fax: 888-404-7512.or visit

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