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'The Whitestone Bridge' Memoir Highlights the Unlikely Friendship Between the Sons of German and Jewish American WWII Veterans

Former enemies turn neighbors and friends in the cultural mashup of 1960s Queens

NEW YORK, June 11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — In the new memoir The Whitestone Bridge by Sanford Lawrence, the life and times of the Whitestone neighborhood of Queens in the 1960s is captured with poignancy and humor. Amid the turbulent unrest of the 60s, Whitestone's quiet, middle-America-like feel sets the stage for former enemies, German and American veterans of WWII, to become neighbors whose sons grew to be best friends.

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Lawrence, the Jewish son of an American veteran who fought in the Battle of the Bulge, grew up with and became life-long friends with the son of a German soldier. While conflict between the families came up from time to time, the melding of families from different cultures mirrored the changing world around them.

Recounted in nostalgic vignettes set in the homes, schools and streets of this northern Queens enclave, The Whitestone Bridge highlights a childhood of mischief and daring, with a focus on standing up to bullies and coming of age. Lawrence's taste in music (Elvis, The Beatles, The Beach Boys) and sports (Yankees, not Mets) adds to the vivid portrait.

According to Lawrence, "Baby boomers and nostalgia fans in general really seem to relate to the material, and that's tremendously gratifying. But I'm most excited by the great feedback I'm getting from people with a connection to the Whitestone area."

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