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Know The Right Time To Scrap Your Car

LONDON, Jan 24, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – Since the UK Vehicle Scrappage scheme ended in 2011, many drivers have been hesitant to scrap older vehicles, and may be spending unnecessarily on the maintenance and repair of their old vehicles.

Founder and Managing Director Dan Gick of Scrap Car Comparison is quoted as saying, "The most commonly asked question from customers is 'How do I scrap my car?' so we created a site to help those people."

Scrap Car Comparison, a trusted UK comparison site for scrap and repairable cars, lists some of the tell-tale signs that drivers should consider when car scrapping.

Repeated MOT failures
Most cars will fail an MOT (Ministry of Transport) test at some point in their lifetime and face minor repairs in order to get the vehicle in a roadworthy state. In a time when it is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain road-legal status and a car is facing larger and larger repair bills with its MOT each year, drivers should consider scrapping the vehicle as a more economical and safer option, he said.

Lack of Second Hand Demand
Before deciding to sell an older car, owners should look at second hand car listings in local press and online classifieds to establish a price range for similar second hand vehicles. Searching for the appropriate year, make and model can sometimes result in drivers discovering a lack of demand – their cars are fetching very low prices and therefore being listed repeatedly because they are not selling.  Scrapping would be a more time and cost effective option for these vehicles. Scrap car prices have been increasing, and could offer a better return, he said.

Budgetary Considerations
The older a car, the higher the chance it is creating a larger carbon footprint than more modern counterparts. Scrap Car Comparison founder is further quoted saying "Car tax (Vehicle Excise Duty) in the UK has been increasing in recent years on older cars which emit higher amounts of CO2 than newer models, meaning older cars are less cost-effective."With every car there are maintenance and running costs to take into consideration, and these are bound to increase with each passing year. When these costs start to exceed the value of a car, the owner needs to seriously consider whether this is a sensible level of spend on their vehicle.

Environmental Considerations
By scrapping an older vehicle for a newer model, not only are drivers benefitting from reduced CO2 emissions, but they are also ensuring their vehicle is disposed of in an environmentally conscious manner. By sending their scrap car to a reputable and approved Authorised Treatment Facility, vehicle owners are ensuring that 85% of the car's materials are being recycled. (Scrap Car Comparison only partners with approved Authorised Treatment Facilities or specialist buyers for salvageable vehicles).

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