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Tomorrow's Success Begins Today: One-on-One Tutoring Helps Students Build Skills Now to Conquer Future Challenges

Owner and Area Director Cheryl Hesser's Club Z! In-Home Tutoring Services branch brings new opportunities to Florida students

NORTH PORT, Fla., June 9, 2011 — Learning strategies that work for one student don't always work for another. Teachers, however, are generally trying to reach a large audience, and do not have time to evaluate the individual strengths, weaknesses, and learning style of each pupil. A few students may do just fine under these circumstances, and many more tread water, performing at a level that is less impressive and that occasionally wavers. Still others struggle harder, not lacking in innate ability, but simply needing more individual attention than their peers in order to reach toward and realize their academic potential. For any students needing to catch up to grade level or reach beyond, one-on-one tutoring can make all the difference.

While small-group sessions or learning centers are popular tutoring options, the very students who most need help may still not receive the attention they need. In contrast, Club Z! In-Home Tutoring Services provides one-on-one tutoring within the comfort and security of a child's own home, where distractions can be minimized and the student is better able to focus on the lesson at hand. New Club Z! owner and Area Director Cheryl Hesser believes that this attention is central to the program's high success rates.

"I feel that once the word is out about Club Z! and each community learns what an exceptional program this is for the entire family, we'll have an overflow of students with happy parents!" she comments.

A nationwide company, Club Z! is highly respected and boasts hundreds of thousands of happy clients. Tutors are highly trained and prescreened experts in their subject areas, and tutoring is available to students of all age levels and abilities. The program is also popular with parents thanks to the flexible scheduling and the convenience of having a tutor come right to the home.

A lifelong Charlotte County resident, experienced substitute teacher, and a parent herself, Mrs. Hesser is enthusiastic about bringing a valuable service to her own community, and feels that now is an especially opportune time to open her new branch. With final exams and year-end report cards recent occurrences, many parents are realizing the importance of taking action to ensure their student catches up to grade level as quickly as possible. For many, planning some summertime tutoring or study skill building is the best way to ensure fall – and future – success.

"I know how important a good education is toward future success in life," Mrs. Hesser states.

Learning how to study effectively is vital, Mrs. Hesser adds. "It's important to teach different strategies, to teach students to understand each concept in a different way." Through one-on-one interaction between student and tutor, Club Z! is able to help children identify their own learning styles and build a set of study skills that will last throughout their academic careers.

Children's academic confidence also improves as they start to see successes in school. "Overall, I feel that we are a stepping stone in each child's life – providing them with excellent tutors that they can learn from," Mrs. Hesser concludes.

Mrs. Hesser's new Club Z! branch will serve North Port, Charlotte County, and Cape Coral, Florida. Tutoring is available in all academic areas, from core subjects, to standardized test preparation for the SAT, ACT, or other exams, to study skills building, music lessons, and more.

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In honor of Ms. Hesser's Club Z! grand opening, registration fees have been waived for all new clients. For additional information about Club Z! In-Home Tutoring Services in this area, please visit, (for Cape Coral), or call 941-235-CLUB or 239-768-5779.

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