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Top 10 States for Hidden Job Leads Announced by CareerCloud

California, Ohio and Tennessee top 3rd annual list

TRUMBULL, Conn., Dec 2, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Hidden Jobs App, the free service from CareerCloud that tracks new hiring initiatives across the U.S. & Canada, has published its 3rd annual list of states with the most hidden job leads.


Each day the site ( collects and organizes news articles, blog posts and press releases that specifically mention companies which have announced new plans to hire. Typically because of reasons such as a new expansion, venture funding, seasonal needs or other growth spikes. Job seekers can get free alerts by email on a state by state basis. Most of the companies found through our site have yet to post these jobs online. So we consider them 'hidden'.

Hidden Jobs App has been tracking these leads since the spring of 2011. This year's race saw California take the top spot. They had the most job leads in the past 90 days. Last year's leader, Texas, dropped to 5th. The Midwest had two states in the top 10 via Pennsylvania and Ohio. While California and Arizona represented western states. The South had the most states (6) in the leaderboard.


1. California 14,040 job leads
2. Ohio 8,039 job leads
3. Tennessee 7,497  job leads
4. Florida 6,883 job leads
5. Texas 6,889 job leads
6. Arizona 6,364 job leads
7. Georgia 4,888 job leads
8. North Carolina 4,315 job leads
9. Pennsylvania 4,292 job leads
10. Virginia 3,362 job leads

Job numbers as of November 25th, 2013

The types of jobs mentioned in the leads we found were most prevalent in the fields of manufacturing, retail and technology. The South and Midwest were especially strong in the creation of new manufacturing jobs.

"Don't job hunt, company hunt," says Chris Russell, founder of "Find companies in your area that are growing and you will find opportunity," he adds. "Both our app and free website will let you read the original source of the lead as well as auto-googling each company's name with 1 click so you can track down how to apply."

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