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Transformational Artist & Coach Tonya Williams' Life Portraits Capture the Individual Essence in a Timeless Format

TINTON FALLS, N.J., May 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Tonya Williams has always found a way to weave creativity and expression into her coaching work with clients. Now, she's begun a new and intriguing venture, offering personalized, one-of-a-kind portrait collages that reflect and represent a lifetime of growth and discovery.

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These Life Portraits are designed to help Williams' clients reconnect with the beauty of their life, while offering motivation and positive reinforcement to continue forward on life's journey (

Photography is the medium Williams has chosen to provide clients with powerfully symbolic images of themselves. She explains that her Life Portraits fall into one of three categories, depending upon the specific needs of the client. The traditional Life Portrait is a unique, deeply meaningful tapestry of words and images designed to evoke gratitude, awareness and clarity of purpose. Intention Portraits are for people who don't have a clear pathway in front of them or perhaps have been over-relying on the input and feedback of others. Power Portraits are for those clients whose life has become a true expression of their gifts. Artists, healers, leaders and teachers of all kind can benefit from a Power Portrait, which combines the usual portraiture with images representative of the client's contributions to the world.

Williams explains the ultimate mission behind all of her coaching and healing work: "I have come to inspire and illuminate beauty–a love so deep within, so innate for all of us that we learn to take it for granted to the point that it becomes invisible, hence, not believed. Do you see your beauty?"

Commissioning a Life Portrait is the first step of a process that requires, on average, three weeks to complete. Clients fill out and return a personal questionnaire to help Williams better understand the form that the portrait will take. Next, clients submit anywhere between 10 and 30 relevant photographs in digital format. In return, the client receives two phone sessions, one high-resolution JPEG file of the completed portrait and a written explanation of the creative process behind the client's Life Portrait. The first phone session serves as a "meet and greet," where Williams and the client get to know each other on a personal level, which is vital in achieving a successful Life Portrait. The second phone session is recorded, and clients can download the audio as part of their portrait package.

Life Portraits are commissioned on a first-come, first-served basis, so clients are encouraged to contact Williams early to begin their journey.

About Life Portraits

Tonya Williams founded Down the Path in 2007 to spread her message of health and self-fulfillment. An experienced and accomplished life coach, Williams' background is in graphic design, nutrition and holistic healing methods. She began offering customized Life Portraits in 2012.

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