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TRICAST Introduces Cost-Effective Alternative to Traditional Big Data Tools with Latest Version of AccuCAST, to Be Unveiled at the National Conference of Prescription Drug Programs Conference

Enhanced Software Product Provides Real-Time Transaction Surveillance and Analytics

MILWAUKEE, May 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — TRICAST, Inc. will introduce the newest version of its core product, AccuCAST, at the annual National Conference of Prescription Drug Programs (NCPDP) Conference next Monday, May 6. AccuCAST leapfrogs standard "Big Data" approaches to generate sophisticated analysis of pharmacy benefits usage, cost and compliance all in real time, says Greg Rucinski, TRICAST President and CEO.

"We're taking a revolutionary approach that gives our users a cost-effective alternative to traditional Big Data implementations," said Rucinski. "We've enhanced AccuCAST's post-adjudication and compliance capabilities and made it into a powerful real-time transaction analytics and assessment engine. There's really nothing else like it."

A History of Innovation

When AccuCAST was introduced in 2007, it was the first actuarial support software application created for enhanced underwriting and improved risk assessment with a focus on Medicare Part D. Now, instead of merely a retrospective examination of historical pharmacy claims and eligibility data, the newest version of AccuCAST leverages real-time data.

"When we first launched AccuCAST, we were focused on lowering prescription drug costs and improving the speed and accuracy of actuarial assessments," says Rucinski. "The newest AccuCAST moves well beyond those early wins. We're now able to give our customers—and our customers' customers—across the healthcare spectrum a real-time tool for managing both pharmacy benefit programs and medical plans."

Adds Jim Casurella, TRICAST CIO: "AccuCAST has really evolved into the ultimate toolkit for anybody concerned about pharmacy and medical benefits compliance, risk management, costs, auditing and fraud, waste and abuse."

Built on a platform of integrated modules, AccuCAST provides:

  • Real-Time Analytics – Advanced algorithms analyze inflight data, giving users the best possible opportunity to make immediate changes. Actions that are out of plan may be stopped before a claim is actually made.
  • Collaborative, Web-Based Dashboards – TRICAST customers can view analytics in real time with our series of web-based dashboards that show key performance indicators.
  • Instant Event Alerts – Users can enroll to receive e-mail, instant message, or SMS text notifications when user-specified anomalies occur.

The Difference Is Dashboards

AccuCAST's traditional report-based output has been enhanced to provide users with access to an interactive, collaborative dashboard application. AccuCAST now offers a broader-range of tools for analysis related to pharmacy benefits, Medicare Part D compliance, medical claims, and lab tests.

AccuCAST Pharmacy Benefits Tools

  • Rejection Reporting
  • Pricing Analysis
  • Vendor Pricing Contract Compliance
  • Prior Authorization
  • Copayments
  • Plan Design Adherence

Medicare Part D Features

  • Plan Design Eligibility vs. Source
  • Coverage Gap Discounts
  • Calculation Verification
  • Real-Time Fraud, Waste & Abuse Analysis

Medical Claims Data

  • J-Code and Specialty Drug Optimization
  • FWA Enhanced Optimization, incorporating Medical Diagnoses
  • Gaps in Care
  • Star, HEDIS, and NCQA Assessment

"AccuCAST is a game changer," says Rucinski. "Plan sponsors, auditors, PBMs, drug makers, pharmacists, lab technicians, even physicians, have a powerful new tool to keep drug and medical healthcare spending in check."

To learn more about this exciting new application, come visit us in booth 401 @ NCPDP!!


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