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Turn Grate Floors into Great Floors with ResinDek® from Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products, LLC

CINCINNATI, March 12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products, LLC has found a recovering economy requires major rework for numerous mezzanine floor materials in existing warehouses.

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Flooring products such as concrete, plywood, bar and plank grate with time can create safety hazards and work barriers since they potentially peel, delaminate, crack, bend and gap causing items to fall through on workers below or just become very difficult to walk and roll wheels over.

The Internet and the marketplace require quick response time and a distribution warehouse cannot afford a bad floor to hinder those demands.

Therefore, the team at Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products has found itself in a unique position of not only replacing these outdated damaged floors, but in reworking them to avoid business interruptions and higher costs for their customers.

ResinDek® is an engineered wood panel that has been designed for the material handling marketplace, which means it performs better than plywood, concrete, plank grating or bar grating because it has been engineered for these fast moving logistical environments with heavy traffic and loads.

So with Savings, Safety and Solutions Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products' ResinDek® is a great fix for these structural platforms that are being retrofitted for additional supplies, people and movement.

With ResinDek® you can rest assured that your employees are walking on a more ergonomic floor that has better stain resistance, is solid-so no more worries about stuff falling below overhead like bar grate, static build-up reduction to protect employees and equipment, and can support weight loads from 1,250-8,000 lbs.

What some customers like the most, is it can be installed on top of existing floors allowing work to continue while repairs and rework are occurring.

"Savings can range from $100,000 to over $1 million dollars by using our repair methods versus replacing the entire mezzanine floor and structure," stated Keith Shipman, National Sales Manager at Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products, LLC.

As the world leader in mezzanine flooring, Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products, LLC manufactures and distributes USA made ResinDek® flooring globally to international fulfillment centers, pick modules, warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing and storage facilities.  ResinDek® is offered in several grades for weight bearing load requirements and is available with enhanced finishes such as Diamond Seal®, certified static control and static guard to keep these economical, ergonomic and environmentally friendly structural work platform floors industry preferred.
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