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UFC's Gilbert Melendez Improves His Fight Game Safely with the Surge 360 from Surge Performance Training

AUSTIN, Texas, April 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Surge Performance Training LLC ("Surge") announced today that Gilbert Melendez has been using its new Surge 360 machine to train for his UFC World Lightweight Championship fight on April 20 against Ben Henderson.

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The Surge 360 has helped Melendez train at maximum intensity while he also recovers from a shoulder injury sustained last fall. See a Melendez training video at:

The Surge 360 is a versatile, ground-based machine that uses hydraulic resistance to replicate the movements and anaerobic exertion of real punching and fighting. The unique resistance of the 360's patent-pending design is what makes it so safe for fighters and other athletes who want to train ground-based, athletic movements without risk of injury.

The Surge 360 improves a fighter's athleticism by increasing hand speed, power, strength, balance, and coordination. Over 50 compound movements require total core body muscle engagement to stabilize and maintain balance. The 360's omnikinetic resistance makes training safe for any user, even non-athletes just looking to improve their fitness.

Surge 360 is the Ultimate Interval Training Machine

Interval training is growing in popularity due to the health and weight loss benefits of intense, short burst, exercise circuits. Gilbert Melendez and other MMA fighters use the 360 for striking training but also intense anaerobic conditioning.

According to Melendez, "I've been using the Surge 360 to help me get back to this point. It's a new technology and great for circuit training; I can do an entire circuit workout on this one machine."

What makes the 360 so effective is that every movement engages multiple muscle groups, and the push/pull dynamic recruits twice as many muscle fibers as other comparable strength training movements. The result is rapid anaerobic energy failure that can most closely be compared to sprinting, except it's indoors and the fighter is standing still.

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Surge 360 Details

Surge 360 is a commercial-grade, high quality machine designed for some of the biggest and strongest competitive athletes in the world. Platform measurements are 51"x40"x60" and the product comes in Slate Grey or Combat Black.  Made in the U.S.A.

The Surge 360 is available for order at or by calling Surge sales at 512.402.6867 for more info.

About Surge Performance Training LLC

Surge is headquartered in Austin, TX. We are focused on helping improve athleticism for any level of athlete, safely and without risk of injury. Our versatile training machines combine key strength and conditioning principles into platforms that are easy to learn and use. Surge customers include professional and Olympic athletes, fighters, trainers, and everyday fitness enthusiasts.

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