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Understanding Which Brand Values Are Important to Consumers Is Crucial for All Business Decision Making, Says Cint

STOCKHOLM, July 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Audience opinion can affect the values that a brand holds and, in turn, how those values translate into products or services offered and the messages communicated to consumers. Therefore, Cint, a global provider of market intelligence solutions, is reminding businesses to gather and understand a wide range of customer or client views for effective decision making.

Recent tax debates, illegal meat sourcing controversies, price fixing and increasing concerns about environmental responsibilities have led many consumers to ask questions about business ethics. Public opinion can be swayed within a matter of weeks, so keeping the issues of the moment on the radar is important. Brands should not only engage with audiences in order to set value-based strategies across various business areas, but also undertake research following major industry upsets. Obtaining knowledge about which company principles are important to consumers can inform business goals, product lines and marketing campaigns, helping to lead to a restoration or reinforcement of trust.

Furthermore, when targeting customers or clients in different geographical areas and markets, it is crucial to understand the preferred brand values of diverse cultures. These could range from measureable ethics, such as the business' carbon footprint and the use of recycled packaging, to softer ideals like commitment to innovation and delivering an inspirational message.

Survey sampling to gather the opinions of people in relevant demographics across the world is a simple process with DIY solutions, meaning brands gain insights quickly when required. Bo Mattsson, CEO of Cint, explains: "The values a brand should focus on and how it communicates those ideals to audiences, whether through its products, marketing channels or other actions, should be informed by what current and potential customers think. In order to effectively engage with people it's important to understand their opinions and, as views can change in a heartbeat, brands should regularly reach out to key audiences in strategic markets.

"DIY tools, such as the suite that Cint offers, allow businesses to set their required demographic and then deploy a survey in seconds. It's cost-effective and results can be gathered in hours if necessary so decisions can be made based on data, not a best guess."

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