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Unique Approach to Legacy Planning Furnished by New Website

Video messages can be quickly shared with multiple generations long after loved ones have passed

RICHMOND, Va., July 16, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — is one of the first services of its kind, dedicated to bringing legacy planning into the modern realm of internet usage. Founded in 2012, allows users to record video messages to pass onto family, friends, and other loved ones that can be viewed over and over long after a loved one has passed.  Although this has been done in the past with video cameras, it can be hard to keep track of cassettes, DVDs, or other media types. It's easy to lose such items in a move, quality fades over time, and eventually, outdated technology can present a problem.

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As technology changes, so does the need for a better way to preserve final thoughts.  The days of knowing our ancestors through faded photographs are over. provides an interactive experience allowing loved ones to connect on a different level. Using modern technology, your final insights are preserved on a secure network, and can be passed onto family and friends for generations. Videos allow personality, voice, and thoughts to shine. Additionally, users can leave journal entries and pictures, and even record their own messages. Everything placed on is secure and protected, and can be re-formatted to fit any technological upgrades. provides a new way for family traditions, insights, and messages to reach loved ones. also provides useful information on family planning. With Genternity, users are able to better ensure that their family member or loved one's final wishes are carried out as intended. helps in the family planning process by helping participants prepare for the inevitable, allowing them to live for today, and allows approved family members access to important information. Death requires important decisions, and if they're already made, the grieving process is much easier.

To get started, a simple subscription is required. After entering some basic information, users refer to step by step instructions explaining how to create lasting videos.

This website is a great way for families to start planning final wishes, and ultimately, to leave a lasting legacy. Life is meaningful, and makes it easier to capture what gives it meaning.

Genternity was founded in 2012 as a way to connect families like never before. The company encourages people to leave behind messages and their legacies for future generations through a number of methods. Genternity preserves these messages regardless of the changes and rapid advancements in technology. We help families to come together even after the passing of a loved one.

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Contact: Amy Grishman