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Upcoming Launch of New Online eWallet and Payment Processor Offers Liberty Reserve Alternative will cater to the programming and software development communities

LOS ANGELES, June 11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — In the wake of the Liberty Reserve fiasco, the developers behind intend to pilot their new online payment eWallet and Payment Processor in a more ethical, sustainable direction. The service has been designed with a specific audience in mind, namely online freelancers, computer programmers, web developers, software companies, as well as computer enthusiasts in general. will provide anonymous and irreversible payment solutions to send and receive virtual currency anywhere in the world.

Criminal organizations allegedly used Liberty Reserve to launder money. won't be repeating that business model. The service will take steps to ensure that all payments represent legitimate transactions of goods and services. However, will still allow completely anonymous, effortless payments, which is the foundation of online alternatives to brick-and-mortar banking methods.

"From the first brainstorming sessions, we knew we wanted to take a different path than Liberty Reserve. Obviously, we have created a payment system that conforms to all applicable laws and regulations," explained the founder. " will enable computer programming professionals and hobbyists around the world to quickly and easily make payments for services rendered. In this age of instant telecommunications, it only makes sense that challengers to traditional banking systems will seize a certain percentage of market share, particularly within our target market."

Even the name of the website——clearly points toward the developers' intended audience. Today, the term "hacker" has evolved such that it no longer carries its former negative associations. The modern hacker is merely anyone with above average computer programming knowledge or appreciation. Naturally, hackers gravitate toward the newest, most innovative technologies, and the team at is banking on this fact. At the same time, courting the global community of computer experts will streamline the process of identifying and fixing software bugs. Users will be invested (literally) in the smooth operation of the payment system. will provide both an application programming interface (API) and instant payment notifications (IPN). Users will have the option of integrating the payment solution with their website and shopping cart. will be managed and operated from satellite offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Belize, Nevis, Panama, the Cook Islands, and the British Virgin Islands. The company has already registered as a business entity in each of those locales.


Development of service began in 2012; the website is slated to become fully functional in August 2013. When goes live in August, both individuals and companies will be welcome to explore the service and compare its features with competitors. The team is confident that the service will be more than a match for anything else on the market. The developers believe they have engineered a convenient, safe solution to the problem of anonymous online payments that will stand the test of time. was built to target freelancers in numerous fields, computer programmers, web developers, software companies, and the general community of computer enthusiasts. The service offers a legal, convenient method for sending and receiving anonymous and irreversible payments worldwide.