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Updated: Sneak Peek Now Available for the Recently Launched MRSA Staph Infection Recovery Program

PORT TOWNSEND, Wash., Jan. 25, 2012 — On November 30th, 2011 Embrace Health, Inc. announced the launch of their comprehensive program for MRSA Staph sufferers called the Recovery Program. Today they are updating their announcement with a sneak peek to the program's lead product MRSA Secrets Revealed™, along with a list of all resources included in the program.

According to Michelle Moore (Microbiologist and author of many MRSA Staph infection materials), "We have released this sneak peek to show we have the most comprehensive natural program available for MRSA Sufferers. With all of the incomplete or potentially misleading MRSA information online, we are confident the sneak peek will show our dedication to providing a complete, professional and evidence-based program."

Embrace Health, Inc. is inviting all Staph Sufferers to download the sneak peek free of charge here:
MRSA Secrets Revealed™

This sneak peek is a preview of one product within the Recovery Program. Included in Microbiologist Michelle Moore's program are the following 9 educational works dedicated to antibiotic alternatives and natural prevention techniques for MRSA Staph infections.

1. MRSA Secrets Revealed™. The definitive guide for natural MRSA and Staph treatment, control and prevention spans over 214 pages and is chock FULL of informative content.

Now featuring a SNEAK PEEK:

2. Top 20 Questions People Ask About Staph & MRSA. Common questions asked by MRSA Sufferers answered by Embrace Health, Inc.'s Microbiologist Michelle Moore.

3. 3-Step Quick Start Guide To Overcome MRSA. Important tips and techniques condensed into a quick reference guide.

4. 10 Questions To Ask Your Doctor About MRSA. How to avoid dangerous medical mistakes and get the most benefit from your doctor.

5. Preventing "Healthcare-Associated MRSA." Full of tips and practices to protect yourself and your family from contagious hospital infections.

6. Immune Boosting Recipes & Foods™. A cookbook of Michelle's favorite foods, recipes and cooking techniques for controlling infections and supporting the immune system.

7. Grocery Checklist. Food ingredients to look for and to avoid.


8. Online Members Area Access. Videos, tutorials, interviews and additional MRSA Staph resources.

9. Recovery Videos. Michelle demonstrates how she uses the most powerful infection-fighting methods she's discovered.

Recovery Program details:

About Embrace Health, Inc.:

Celebrating 4 years of business in 2012, Embrace Health, Inc. was co-founded by Microbiologist Michelle Moore and specializes in informational resources for Staph and MRSA infections. The company has helped over 11,000 Staph and MRSA sufferers.

Michelle Moore, Co-Owner and Vice President
Embrace Health, Inc.

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