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Valensa Introduces Organic Spirulina "Minis" for Children & Seniors

Easy-to-swallow, Smaller 200 mg Dosage Size Continues Program to Broaden Consumer Acceptance of "Food of the Future"

ORLANDO, Fla., March 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Valensa International (Eustis, FL USA) announced today that it has introduced an easy-to-swallow, better tasting 200 mg dosage size of its Parry Organic Spirulina. Called Spirulina Minis, the new product continues the push by Valensa and Parry to broaden the groups that will consider Spirulina as a daily supplement to their diets.  Spirulina Minis target children, seniors who have difficulty swallowing larger pill sizes and others who do not find the taste of Spirulina agreeable. The new supplement size follows the introduction of a new, milder tasting Organic Spirulina late last year and Parry/Valensa efforts to document consistently high levels of quality, leading to FDA GRAS recognition of Parry Organic Spirulina late last year.

According to Dr. Rudi E. Moerck, President & CEO of Valensa, the introduction of Spirulina Minis will extend the nutritional benefits of Spirulina to new groups of people. "One of the issues that Spirulina has had with reaching a broader consumer audience has been an objection to the 'green food' taste that is associated with its algal status. For many, it's an acquired taste," he said. "In addition, traditional 500 mg Spirulina supplement sizes have, for many people, been a problem. With Spirulina Minis, we have developed a 'starter spirulina' for children, an acceptable pill burden for people with dysphagia and a product that is almost without taste when ingested," he added.

Extending the horizons of Organic Spirulina
Late last year, Parry Nutraceuticals developed a new approach to processing organic Spirulina raw material that allowed it match the flavor profile of non-organic commercial Spirulina products. This was accomplished without affecting the nutrient profile. In addition, Parry and Valensa have introduced a product called Pur-Blue™ SpiruZan® Premium Coated Spirulina. The ingredient uses an all-natural phycocyanin extract coating to mask the flavor of the Spirulina – offering companies interested in marketing Spirulina to a broader range of consumers an attractive, neutral tasting product that can appeal to the pickiest of eaters. On the quality front, Parry Organic Spirulina has a broad range of organic certifications and last year was the first organic Spirulina powder certified under the United States Pharmacopoeia Dietary Ingredient Verification Program (USP D-IVP).

Called 'the food of the future' by the first UN World Food Conference, Organic Spirulina has a protein level of 60%, which is higher than red meat (~27% protein), chicken (~23% protein) and soy (~34% protein). This protein content is biologically complete, containing all of the essential amino acids needed for human health. Spirulina contains numerous vitamins (8), essential fatty acids (6), and minerals like potassium, iron, selenium and calcium. It also contains sulfolipids (antiviral properties) and the antioxidant enzyme superoxide dismutase (SOD) (anti-inflammatory and anti-free radical). It is a rich source of GLA (gamma linolenic acid) and is an excellent source of cyanocobalamin (an analogue of vitamin B12), which is especially important in vegetarian diets. Perhaps most importantly is a good source of antioxidant carotenoids such as beta-carotene and zeaxanthin. All of these nutrients are present in a bio-available form. They are easily digested and assimilated is due to Spirulina's lack of a cellulose cell wall.

Moerck went on to underscore the growing consumer population for whom Spirulina can be a beneficial supplement "Beyond the nutritional and health aspects of Spirulina, there are a number of other drivers that are pushing the ingredient into consumer consciousness. First is within the vegetarian/vegan community. Spirulina is an excellent supplement to the traditional vegetarian/vegan diet because it supplies complete protein and other nutrients that are often lacking with this approach to eating. Already prevalent in populations in developing countries, the trend is growing in Western nations and includes "flexitarians" who eat primarily meatless diets," he said. "With Spirulina Minis, we have the chance to start children on a lifetime of healthy living and can bring better nutrition to seniors when they need it the most," he added.

For further information contact:
Dr. Rudi E. Moerck, President & CEO
Voice: 352-357-2004 ext. 701