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Varsity Tutors Named as One of the Best Test Prep Companies in the Area by CBS Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — The world of college admissions is becoming increasingly competitive and students are responding accordingly. Students and their parents are putting forth more effort and investing more research into finding the best test-prep services. CBS Los Angeles has released a compilation of test prep companies that it finds to be the best in the area, and Varsity Tutors has been named one of them.

In order to differentiate themselves from others, students have realized the need for great test scores. These scores are a critical part of the admissions decisions process, and students are correct in feeling compelled to make test prep a pivotal part of their daily routines. On a short list of just five companies, Varsity Tutors was recognized for being one of the premier in-home tutoring services in Los Angeles. The organization was specifically acknowledged for its particularly affordable prices and wide variety of tutoring packages.

Varsity Tutors currently operates in 14 major metropolitan areas throughout the nation. Having been founded a mere six years ago by CEO Chuck Cohn, the private tutoring service has quickly turned into a market leader. Cohn started the business in 2007 when he was an undergraduate at Washington University in St. Louis. What began as a tiny side business with a few friends grew into a much larger operation, prompting Cohn to leave his job at a venture capital firm to manage his tutoring company full-time. The company now engages more than 1,600+ tutors and 60 employees across the country. Los Angeles is one of its biggest markets and Cohn says the team is very happy to have received such an honorable recognition.

"Our L.A. team has worked extremely hard and it means a lot that we have been awarded this title," Cohn said. "We have dedicated ourselves to be the best at test prep. The fact that we have been recognized is a nod to our past work, and an encouragement to our continuing efforts to provide great services to students."

While the CBS recognition is specifically toward test prep, mainly for the SAT and ACT tutoring, Varsity Tutors offers a long line of subjects that students can receive tutoring in. The in-home service provides tutoring in all academic subjects for K-12 through graduate level courses. A wide selection of test prep beyond the SAT and ACT is available as well, including GMAT, GRE, MCAT, and LSAT prep. The company has seen significant growth in demand for its ISEE and SSAT prep as well.

The tutoring industry has many players, and Varsity Tutors has defined itself as a premier Los Angeles tutoring service. The organization has placed incredibly high standards for contracting tutors, only accepting those who have extremely communicative personalities and are academically brilliant. It is not enough for a Varsity Tutor to have high test scores – a passion for teaching must also be shown.

"Our company has some of the strictest requirements in the industry for tutors," says Cohn. "Tutor applicants with perfect SAT scores have been rejected because they didn't have effective teaching methods. We ask all tutor candidates to literally show us how they would teach a subject."

Varsity Tutors credits its CBS award to those high standards held by its team. Anyone looking to work with one of the company's tutors is encouraged to contact an area director today or request more information by visiting the Varsity Tutors website.

About Varsity Tutors:

Varsity Tutors is a national tutoring company with origins in the entrepreneurship program of Washington University in St. Louis, one of the top such programs in the country. CEO Chuck Cohn launched the company while an undergraduate at Washington University in St. Louis and then later bootstrapped the company while working as a venture capitalist at Ascension Health Ventures. When his tutoring company grew to the point where his time and not capital became the primary constraint to the growth, Chuck quit his venture capital job to focus on scaling Varsity Tutors full-time. Since then, the company has grown significantly to 1,600 tutors and over 60 employees.

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