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Varsity Tutors Selected by CBS Chicago as One of the City's Best Test Prep Companies

CHICAGO, Jan. 22, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — While the economy's major job shortage may be causing some people to give up and accept unemployment, a large number of individuals are taking a different road and turning their focus to education. Possessing a better education is one of the few things that differentiate job applicants. Needless to say, tutoring and test prep companies have become significantly more important and Varsity Tutors has been named one of the finest ones by CBS Chicago.

Adults everywhere are returning to school to obtain graduates degrees, and just as many young students are taking this new-found awareness into account and investing more time into academics. The desire to gain entry into a first-choice college is particularly important for current high school students and perfecting their SAT/ACT scores appears to be a key step to get there. CBS picked up on this trend and compiled a list of the "Best Test Prep Tutors in Chicago" that includes Varsity Tutors among a selective list of five companies.

Founded in 2007 by CEO Chuck Cohn, Varsity Tutors has grown from just a couple of college students running a service to a leading operation in the industry. Cohn started the business as an undergraduate at Washington University in St. Louis with just a few of his friends as tutors. Varsity Tutors now operates with more than 1,600 tutors and 60 employees in 16 major metropolitan areas across the U.S., including Chicago. Cohn says he is thrilled that the company's Chicago team is being so positively recognized.

"It is great to hear that the all the hard work put forth by our directors and tutors is paying off," said Cohn. "Test prep is incredibly important and our dedication to contracting only the most highly qualified tutors has proven to create fantastic results. There are many struggling students and students seeking to boost their scores, and we are here to help them."

Varsity Tutors' Chicago lineup was specifically acknowledged for its excellence in SAT tutoring. Although SAT prep is one of the company's most highly requested areas, the organization specializes in numerous other areas as well. Varsity Tutors offers test prep for the ACT, PLAN, and various graduate school entrance exams such as the GRE, GMAT, LSAT, and MCAT. In addition, the company tutors in all academic subjects ranging from elementary to graduate school courses, including math, science, English, foreign languages, and more.

With so many existing tutoring and test prep organizations competing for the same clients, Varsity Tutors finds specific ways to stand out. The company sticks to tremendously high standards when contracting tutors, turning down those who may have perfect test scores but lack in effective teaching skills necessary for subjects like ACT tutoring. When interviewing potential tutors, the company looks for academic brilliance and especially communicative personalities. Furthermore, the candidates are asked to demonstrate their own lesson plans to prove why their teaching methods would be most effective for students.

"Being able to display intelligence and explain a subject is one thing. Being able to adapt that explanation to a student's individual learning needs is quite another," says Cohn. "We only hire tutors who can do the latter. Our company is all about personalized, well-developed lesson plans that are unique to the individuals working with them."

Varsity Tutors attributes its latest honor to those extra steps it takes when recruiting tutors. Students interested in working with a Varsity Tutor should visit the company's website for more information and contact an area director today.

About Varsity Tutors:

Varsity Tutors is a national tutoring company with origins in the entrepreneurship program of Washington University in St. Louis, one of the top such programs in the country. CEO Chuck Cohn launched the company while an undergraduate at Washington University in St. Louis and then later bootstrapped the company while working as a venture capitalist at Ascension Health Ventures. When his tutoring company grew to the point where his time and not capital became the primary constraint to the growth, Chuck quit his venture capital job to focus on scaling Varsity Tutors full-time.

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