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Veteran Hollywood Mechanical Designer Aims to End Problem of Tangled Earbud Cords by Seeking Crowdfunding Support for New Invention

Gary Martinez half-way through Kickstarter campaign for "The Earbud Shield"

CHATSWORTH, Calif., March 15, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – Applying his movie-magic skill-set to the consumer electronics design world, Gary Martinez launches his product "The Earbud Shield" into the crowdfunding business model. Riding the wave of a recovering economy, thousands turn to sites like to bring their ideas to life.

The Earbud Shield is an aesthetically pleasing solution to a vexing problem that anyone who owns an iPhone, Android, or mp3 player faces. Tangled earbud cords are a daily frustration for many and this all-leather product offers a stylish way of keeping them at-the-ready, once and for all. One online comment about the product puts it the best: "Very, very cool. About time someone figured that out.…"

Kickstarter uses a crowd-funding model where creators launch their projects and have a set number of days to meet their funding goal. Martinez's project is almost halfway through its 30-day fundraising window. If the allotted budget ($17,500 US) isn't met by March 26, all pledges are cancelled and the project will not be funded.

When asked why he chose Kickstarter to fund his project, Martinez answered, "As a designer I love finding ways to simplify complex problems. Launching a new product is complicated and Kickstarter was the simplest way for me to generate interest in my invention and receive instant feedback from real people about my idea."

Seeing the successes of other creators on Kickstarter inspired Martinez to bring his idea into the fray. "I'm excited to finally create something that people can actually hold in their hands rather than just see on the screen," he stated. To learn more about the project, readers can visit the project's page here:

About Gary Martinez:

Gary Martinez is a veteran of the motion picture industry in special effects, mechanical design and video engineering. His list of credits includes feature films such as James Cameron's Avatar, Stephen Spielberg and Peter Jackson's The Adventures of Tintin, and J.J. Abram' Star Trek Into Darkness.

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