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New Video Series for Women Entrepreneurs Offers Inspiration and Empowerment with a Creative Twist

SISTERS, Ore., Jan. 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Award-winning singer/songwriter, author and CEO, Katie Cavanaugh recently announced the release of an inspiring new video series for professional women everywhere. "Be Intrepid Now" is aimed at helping women entrepreneurs discover their unique voice as they define, design and develop the extraordinary success they envision. The video series available at includes 20 videos that inspire and empower heart-centered women entrepreneurs to start playing a bigger game both in their business and life and best yet, it's all free.

The videos are delivered daily and offer advice and tried-and-true methods to help entrepreneurs rise as experts, professionals and leaders. Topics include "How do I tap into my creativity" or "How will becoming an Intrepid Woman impact my business" and each allows the audience to tap into their creative brilliance, create a clear vision for their future, and last but not least, align spiritual journey with their life's purpose.

Cavanaugh is best known by many as the "Catalyst of Creativity." In addition to being an award winning singer/songwriter, and CEO of Clear Path Success Coaching LLC, Cavanaugh is also the author of 30 Days to Unlock Your Creative Writing Brilliance, which has guided many entrepreneurs to discover their unique voice and express it to the world .

Cavanaugh states, "I am so excited to offer this video series to begin the dialog about what is truly possible when you tap into your own intrepid nature and start playing a bigger game. I truly believe that if you can envision it, you can create it!"

So what exactly does it mean to become intrepid? According to Cavanaugh, to become intrepid means to claim a calling as an expert, professional and leader and connect with a community of like-minded women entrepreneurs who are inspiring and empowering one another to change the world. Cavanaugh also believes it's time to find new ways to speak to the world powerfully, effectively and authentically, and being intrepid with the help of this new video series is a giant step in that direction.

For those who are ready to jumpstart their business, reach higher and accomplish more than they thought possible, go to and sign up for the video series. Upon signing up, a 30-minute complimentary Discovery Session to assess one's business and provide three keys to move forward in creating the extraordinary success is also available. For media interviews contact Cavanaugh at Email.

ABOUT KATIE CAVANAUGH   – Katie Cavanaugh is known as the Intrepid Success Coach and president and creator of Clear Path Success Coaching, LLC, committed to the expansion and development of entrepreneurs around the world. Cavanaugh is also a keynote speaker and author and teaches clients how to define, design and develop the strategies, systems and processes to reach more people and to increase their income, all while living their life's passionate purpose.

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