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Vintage Couture Designer Pamela Simon Reintroduces the Classic Elegance of the Muff to the Fashion-Conscious and Functional

NEW YORK, Feb. 19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – Fashion-forward and functional—these adjectives capture the vision behind Pamela Simon's reintroduction of the muff to the contemporary fashion firmament. Inspired by vintage couture and the designs from the twenties, thirties, and sixties, and the elegance, and imaginative designs from different centuries, Simon's rendition of the muff seeks to marry concepts of the old with the new.

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Simon's muffs are designed to reintroduce a well-dressed look into American and Canadian life. According to Simon, "There is a trend that is slowly emerging that speaks of a move away from sloppy casual dress to one of simple elegance mixed with creativity. Europeans still dress well and young Euros follow trends while maintaining a great sense of style that shies away from sweat clothes as street wear. A great pair of gloves, shoes, a purse, hat, and a muff can make any outfit look much more beautiful."

Crafted to be both chic and versatile, each muff is outfitted with an interior pocket that can hold one's valuables and gadgetry. Many models have been designed with chain handles or leather or suede straps and may also be carried as shoulder purses. Beyond a reprisal on classic elegance, Simon's muffs are conceived to be worn not only in the cold weather, but as a beautiful fashion accessory for a cocktail dress, evening gown or a great suit and as an accessory for men as well. The retail prices range from $600.00 to $900.00.

Simon's muffs are manufactured in Toronto and made from furs from animals that are not farmed or tortured. The vintage couture designer is adamant about not using faux fur because of its toxicity and the fact that it does not break down in landfills. To those who have reservations about wearing fur, Simon stresses the importance of the ecological cycle. "We wear fur to keep warm, we wear leather to protect our feet, we eat meat to keep us healthy and strong, and we discard the bones to the earth which feeds the soil. Faux fur simply harms our planet."

Simon envisions her designs worn by women and men who embody style. "These individuals love beautiful clothes and pieces that can stand on their own as a signature piece. My muffs are decadent, edgy, sophisticated, playful, luxurious, and a cozy place to rest one's hands on a crisp, clear winter night."

Pamela Simon is a vintage couture designer from Kingston, Canada. Her collection may be viewed online at and on her website at:

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