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VIVATY Launches New Innovative Social Gaming Platform with On-Demand Web Services and Full 3D Characters and Levels in Flash

Vivaty's On-Demand Web Services dramatically remove costs and resource requirements for social game developers; Vivaty's new 3D Flash experience looks like a video game with no download using the ubiquitous Flash platform

MENLO PARK, Calif., Nov. 10, 2009 — Vivaty Inc., a leading social games and application services provider company, today launched its new Social Gaming Platform (SGP) with On-Demand Web Services to power social features, ecommerce, content, communication, and live operations needed for social games and applications as well as full 3D characters and levels using Flash. Vivaty's SGP On-Demand Web Services can power 2D games built in Flash or Vivaty 3D Flash. Vivaty also announced its deployment of a full 3D social game experience at Facebook and with 3D characters and levels built in Flash and without requiring any download.

Vivaty's SGP includes full support for the back-end web services needed to create and operate social games and applications. This includes virtual economy management, virtual item transactions, inventories, stores, login and authentication, points and leveling system, multiuser and synchronization support, content pipeline and delivery, level and character personalization, social features (e.g., gifting, badging, emoting), chat, friends list, social network integration, reporting, analytics, and much more. Vivaty's SGP Web Services are delivered on-demand so developers can remove both the costs of developing server-side functionality and the costs of server, hosting, and bandwidth overhead as their user base scales up or down. Vivaty's SGP On-Demand Web Services enable Flash development teams to focus on the creative and game-play elements rather than wrangling back-end technology and operations challenges.

Vivaty's SGP also includes breakthrough quality 3D characters and environments using today's social gaming standard, Adobe Flash. Vivaty 3D Flash has full 3D environments, objects, and characters that are fully animated and controllable by the user. In addition to its 3D Flash capabilities, Vivaty's SGP includes full tools and pipeline support for converting 3D content into Vivaty 3D Flash and then releasing objects, clothing and animations, etc. into the live social game or application. Vivaty 3D Flash is a leap forward for high-quality 3D game experiences with no download. You can explore Vivaty 3D Flash at

"Vivaty's vision is to lower the costs and complexity to enable a wide range of social games and applications to flourish on the web," said Keith McCurdy, CEO and co-founder of Vivaty. "By removing the headaches and costs of back-end services from a Flash developer's worries, and by raising the bar in quality with Vivaty 3D Flash and full 3D characters and levels, highly interactive and immersive social games can be quickly and efficiently developed, launched, and operated well below today's typical cost. Flash game developers can then spend their time and efforts on the user experience, graphics, and user interface, without spending money and time on server features, reliability, scaling, databases, and other server side operational challenges."

About Vivaty

Vivaty is a highly immersive, personalized, and easy-to-use 3D social games and application platform that is easily accessed in the web browser and integrated with existing web content. Vivaty is distributed and available from anywhere on the web like social networks, IM clients, community sites, partner-branded sites, and even embedded into blogs. Vivaty is led by a proven management team and is backed by leading venture capitalists Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, and Mohr Davidow Ventures. For more information, please visit


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