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VIVO Water Helps Diabetics Hydrate Better

Diabetics in Double Blind Clinical Study Increase Intracellular Hydration with VIVO

RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA, Calif., Dec. 9, 2004 — A recent hydration study performed on diabetic patients in five different hospitals in China shows diabetics' intracellular hydration increased by 13.4 times and improved their basal metabolism rate with VIVO(TM) water when compared to distilled water.

Diabetics were selected for this hydration research study because two of the most classic symptoms at diagnosis are increased thirst and urination. In China, diabetes is known as the Thirst Disease. The Chinese Health Care Science and Technology Society (CHCSTS) conducted the study.

"Proper hydration is critical for people with diabetes because water has to be organized around insulin – for every one insulin molecule, you need 440 water molecules," states Dr. Zhi Y. Wang. "We found that VIVO increased their intracellular hydration by 13.4 times more than distilled water. This means that one bottle of VIVO is as effective as 13 bottles of distilled water in terms of hydration. We are excited with the results of this study because it proves that cell water turnover is critical to health, especially in diabetics."

Research team Chairman Dr. Zhi Y. Wang recently presented the VIVO microclustered water hydration findings to the International Congress of Clinical Nutrition in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. This study was recently published in the National Library of Medicine. VIVO is water made with clustered water technology and was invented and patented by Southern California resident Dr. Lee Lorenzen.

According to the American Diabetes Association, there are several considerations that are specific for individuals with diabetes. Lack of insulin leads to a buildup of glucose in the bloodstream (or "hyperglycemia," high blood glucose). One of the complications of high blood sugars is dehydration. During exercise proper hydration is essential, as dehydration can affect blood glucose levels and heart function adversely.

VIVO purified water is the most effective water available which:

– Hydrates more effectively.
– Promotes nutrient absorption.
– Improves metabolic efficiency.

VIVO(TM) Clustered Water(R) is produced through extensive purification and their patented Microcluster Template Induction Process, in which water molecules are broken down into small, stable clusters. Independent laboratory analysis in California, Japan, China and France have used Oxygen-17 NMR, Raman Spectroscopy, and RJL bio-impedance tests to prove that VIVO solutions are structured to maximize hydration and improve cell function.

A summary of this hydration research is available at VIVO is available in concentrates or pre-blended 16.9 fluid ounce bottles, 6-packs, or 24-bottle cases.

Purchase VIVO in the nutrition section at selected Albertsons, Acme, Meijers, Sav-On, and Jewel-Osco locations. Order VIVO online at, or call Toll Free 877.848.6246. Cluster Solutions, Inc. is located in Southern California.


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