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Web Design Firm MosierData Introduces Flexible Financing for Small Businesses Nationwide Looking to Maximize Their Online Presence with Professional, High-End Websites and Online Marketing

LAKELAND, Fla., July 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Small businesses all over the country that would like a new, professionally designed website, but want to avoid a large, up-front investment now have another option.

MosierData, one of Florida's fastest-growing web design companies, announced today that it has expanded its payment options for Small Businesses to include interest-free financing. Starting today, any website design package purchased from the company with a value over $1,500 can be financed over 12 to 24 months with a minimal down payment.

In an industry where the standard payment terms are half up-front and the other half due upon completion, finding an established firm willing to offer credit terms to small and start-up business is very unusual.

What's more, the company is opening the program to any small business in the United States, not just the region of Florida that they call home.

"Today's economy remains a tough climate for a lot of small businesses. Many companies are still just 'making do' with free or low-cost do-it-yourself websites," said Jim Mosier, Founder of MosierData. "The web is a competitive place, even for local brick-and-mortar shops. The right website and right marketing can level the playing field and even give them a tremendous advantage. The only problem is that many small businesses don't have thousands of dollars to invest upfront to really do it right."

By extending the offer nationwide, Mosier hopes to attract more business outside his local area. When asked about whether he is concerned about out-of-state companies defaulting on their payments, he replied: "Anytime you extend credit, there is obviously that risk, but we're confident in our ability to make these websites profitable for our clients. In my experience, once a website is successful, the owner will want to keep investing in it, so we don't expect a high default rate."

To qualify, all an interested small business owner needs to do is request a website quote, either through MosierData's website at or by calling them toll-free at 888-389-DATA. The proposal they receive will automatically include a finance payment option if the price exceeds $1,500.

Companies that do finance their site will be required to host their site with MosierData until the site is paid in full.

About MosierData

Founded in 2005, MosierData is one of Florida's fastest-growing website design, development and marketing companies. Located in Lakeland, Florida, the company serves as a "one stop shop" for small business clients all over the country needing high-quality web design, back-end programming, advanced hosting, database management, ecommerce solutions, intra/extranet tools, marketing, and more.

For more information, contact:
Jim Mosier or Jonathan Davis
media (at) mosierdata (dot) com