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New Website Is the Ultimate Social Media Destination for Businesses, Consumers

Site Features Encourage Interaction Between Businesses and Their Customers

CHICAGO, Oct. 19, 2010 — Its slogan says it all: "Where businesses and customers mingle." Yet this isn't a shopping mall or department store chain or corner coffeehouse. Actually, it's all this and more – but it's all online.

It's, and it's "social media to the max," says CEO Dare Ajala. The site is designed as a one-stop shop for both businesses and consumers. "It's the next best thing to being there, and it's an invaluable tool for building businesses – and customer relationships." is a turnkey application that makes businesses, their products and their executives more accessible to the public. According to a report titled "Socializing Your CEO: From (Un)Social to Social," released this month by PR firm Weber Shandwick, 64 percent of CEOs are not using social media to engage with the public. The study also found that most businesses stayed away from social media because there isn't one out there good enough to meet their basic business needs. Well, now there's one.

According to Dare, "We wanted to create a place where businesses and customers can easily locate each other and do business. The way is set up makes it easy for us to build applications upon applications into the system to enhance the flow of communication between businesses and customers, current or potential."

Businesses can:

  • Display products and services at no cost with high-quality images
  • Upload videos featuring products and key staff
  • Create accounts for branches and monitor them
  • See at a glance all customers and explore their immediate profiles
  • Sell products to consumers

Consumers can:

  • Explore numerous businesses and their products easily
  • Control which businesses communicate with them
  • See what other customers are saying about a business and its products/services
  • Buy from businesses of their choice

A 2010 Social Shopping Study, conducted by e-tailing group PowerReviews, revealed that product reviews continue to play a central role in online shopping behavior. The findings suggest that product reviews save time, satisfy the thirst for knowledge about products, and provide enough confirmation that the person will make the correct purchase decision. When customers are able to see products in demand, they just must have it.

Dare explains further that goes beyond just having products and services displayed for customers to see. Businesses can send targeted messages to customers who have subscribed to news feeds or, as the site cleverly calls it, "Getting the Gist." was created by Eczell Corp., which specializes in connecting businesses and customers via technology. The company is already developing new features to enhance the online experience for both businesses and consumers.

For more information, visit or call 888-556-2744.

About Eczell Corp.

Eczell Corp., in business for four years, also developed Easy Access(TM) technology enabling brick-and-mortar stores to effectively market to their customers via text messaging. The staff at Eczell has more than 50 years of combined experience in the IT industry. Its core management team is made up of industry professionals including programmers, engineers, lawyers, business analysts and systems operations specialists.


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