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Wiccan Supplies for the Needy

NEW YORK, Feb. 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — JuJuMagick.Com today announced its WiccaMart program. JuJuMagick.Com will be allocating 10% of all net sales into a fund for neo-pagan and other practitioners and groups who cannot afford to pay for supplies. The program has been funded retroactively, so free supplies are available now.

JuJuMagick.Com will announce later this year its alliance with a not-for-profit to accept contributions for these efforts.

Applicants can apply for free (specifically named) supplies by confidential e-mails to Email. The practitioner or group need only describe the supplies needed and a brief explanation of their financial circumstances.

JuJuMagick.Com has made a pledge to help as many as they can.

One of JuJuMagick.Com's partners, Julie Han, said, "This is our mission statement. We don't keep our prices low to undercut our competition; we do it to serve the neo-pagan community. The WiccaMart program is a natural next step for us."

About JuJuMagick.Com

JuJuMagick.Com™, Purveyor of Spiritual Goods™, are not limited to just magical and wiccan supplies. You'll find a wide variety of products including an extensive offering of fun, funny, and thought-provoking bumper stickers, artist's prints and parchment posters, sew-on patches, hand painted statues and figurines, incense and candles for home as well as magical rituals and spells, beautiful banners, flags and pennants for your sacred space, bells, treasure boxes, altar tables, and other decor, herbal supplies, herbal teas, tinctures and smoking blends, spell amulets and talismans for your magical crafts, ritual clothing, crystals and gemstones for energy and crystal healing, an amazing line of sterling silver, lead-free pewter, bone and glass jewelry, and much more.

Contact: Julie Han, Partner