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World-Class International Design Team Unites to Develop Real Estate in Panama

CHICAGO, July 21, 2009 — Burgeoning real estate development company Amble Resorts assembled an exceptional team of international professionals to develop their new eco resort on a secluded island property in Panama, the Resort at Isla Palenque.

"Isla Palenque is the perfect setting for our private, environmentally responsible resort community," says Ben Loomis, founder and President of Amble Resorts. "While we will manage the overall development process, it's critical to the project's success for us to work closely with highly regarded, internationally savvy architects, market analysts, and other consultants."

True to Loomis' statement, Amble Resorts recruited a team of the industry's foremost professionals to create the Resort at Isla Palenque. Team members include global firms with decades of international practice, and experienced local firms with an intimate understanding of Panama real estate, environment, culture, politics, and economics.

For a top-tier market advisor, Amble turned to RCLCO, the largest independent real estate advisory firm in the nation. Backed by a wide range of international expertise, RCLCO has provided strategic advice to a multitude of clients for over 40 years.

Design Workshop filled the capacity of land planner and landscape architect. As one of the world's foremost resort-planning firms, Design Workshop has been involved in projects in such places as St. Martin, India, and Belize.

Amble enlisted the expertise of international architect 4240 Architecture Inc, an award-winning national design firm specializing in site-specific work on a global scale. "It is highly desirable to have an international team," says Randy Johnson, Principal of 4240. "The building process benefits from understanding the local craftsmen; we can be more responsive to the people who will build and maintain the resort."

East Bay Group signed on to tackle all the coastal, civil, and utility engineering aspects of construction. "We get a lot of satisfaction from exporting our expertise internationally," says Rick Reikenis, Principal of East Bay Group. "In order to adapt to other cultures and customs, we spend more time getting to know the site, the terrain, the geology and the local construction techniques."

He continued, "Additionally, it's important to do as Amble has done and forge relationships with the local engineers and architects so our plans can be translated culturally and permitted locally. An international development team facilitates the best possible result."

For local architectural assistance, Amble recruited Mallol i Mallol. Mallol is one of Panama's largest and most well-recognized firms, having completed projects ranging from single-family residences to 40-story towers.

Local attorneys Morgan and Morgan will provide legal assistance throughout the project. Amble sought them out because Morgan and Morgan is Panama's largest and most internationally focused law firm. They have dedicated teams devoted to nearly all legal concerns including real estate property and employment law.

Rounding out the team is Panama Environmental Services. A leading environmental advisory firm, PES has an experienced staff of botanists, marine biologists, and environmental engineers who have worked throughout the country on some of the most successful island projects.

About Amble Resorts

Based in Chicago, Amble Resorts develops and owns distinctive upscale hotels and resorts focused on ecologically and culturally sensitive travel experiences. Their new Panama real estate project, The Resort at Isla Palenque, is designed to be a secluded and sustainable resort community with a unique boutique hotel, ingeniously designed residences, and sumptuous amenities. For more information about Amble Resorts or their new island resort, Isla Palenque, visit

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