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The World's Greatest Press Release

Marketing agency claims title of best press release ever written

BRISBANE, Australia, Aug. 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Have you ever read a press release that almost tore your face off with how incredibly awesome it was? According to Leon Hill of Rock Publicity, you're reading one at this very moment.

"Every day, journalists are inundated with press releases similar to a week-old loaf of bread. Dry, stale, flavorless and quite possibly a little moldy," said Hill. "Not in this case. In my opinion, this is the best press release ever written."

Completely unlike the standard news release that has long been the domain of corporate communications and generic company updates, this press release strives to shatter common misconceptions of what an interesting media announcement should be all about.

So what in this single page holds up to Rock Publicity's claim of the greatest press release of all time?

It doesn't carry a personal blessing from the Pope, nor has it been printed on pure platinum leaf. And it definitely wasn't delivered to journalists around the globe by an army of invisible courier ninjas.

"It's unique, interesting and almost forces you to read it," says Hill. "That alone puts this press release in a category of greatness."

It's impossible to tell if a more superior release has been issued elsewhere in the Universe, or indeed if intelligent life exists that has the capability to publish one. However it's almost certain at least on this planet, nothing else comes close.

Is this the best press release ever written? That's for you to decide. But in the eyes of Rock Publicity, a decision has already been reached.

"Whenever a journalist reads a press release from this day forward, its greatness will surely be measured up to this one," Hill claims. "This is the best news release of all time."

Although not proven, Rock Publicity warns you may spontaneously combust after reading this press release.

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Based in Brisbane, Australia and with clients in over a dozen countries, Rock Publicity is a unique marketing and publicity agency that likes to do things differently. Founder Leon Hill, an entrepreneur and marketing consultant, has worked with Fortune 500 companies, governments, charities and celebrities from around the world. Leon can be reached at Email.



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