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Zayger Watches, Producer of the LeatherTime Watch, Launches Kickstarter Fundraiser for New 3-D Printed Watches

Summary:  Zayger Watches, an independent watchmaker operating in Brooklyn, N.Y., has recently launched a Kickstarter to introduce its line of 3-D printed watches.

NEW YORK, Feb. 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Independent watchmaker Zayger Watches is promoting its Kickstarter fundraiser, available at, for its new 3-D printed watches. These watches combine the latest 3-D printing technology with classic handcrafting techniques to create affordable, stylish timepieces.

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"Our company's new Kickstarter campaign will introduce the world to an authentic Brooklyn innovation: LeatherTime watches. From prototyping to manufacturing, we've combined new advances in 3-D printing with traditional methods and styles to make a unique, standout product. We can't wait to bring our dream into the world, and we hope fashion enthusiasts and watch experts from throughout the country will back us to support our new project," said Shlomo Mockin, CEO and watchmaker at Zayger Watches.

The LeatherTime watch is the company's signature timepiece and the focus of the new Kickstarter. Designed to complement a modern wardrobe, the product blends eye-catching colors with classic watch aesthetics. Core features of the LeatherTime watch include a 40mm case with a 4mm crown and a leather strap with a matching leather dial. Swiss quartz movement provides accurate, efficient function, and a leather inlay on both sides of the case makes the LeatherTime a versatile and durable accessory. Zayger Watches offers the LeatherTime in six different styles of leather: alligator/crocodile, ostrich, python, lambskin, lizard, and shark. Customers can also choose lorica, or synthetic leather. Four case materials, including antique bronze, gold plating, sterling silver, and 18-karat gold, and over 15 color options will be available, so Kickstarter backers can personalize their order.

Zayger Watches uses recent innovations in 3-D printing to prototype and manufacture its timepieces. The latest 3-D printers can make watch parts accurate to fractions of a millimeter, allowing designers to include complex features without increasing the cost of production. Watchmakers like Shmolo Mockin are free to innovate and invent without worrying about the cost to the customer. Zayger Watches plans to leverage the power of 3-D printed watches to bring traditional inspiration into the modern age.

As an independent Brooklyn company, Zayger Watches aims to manufacture all of its products from beginning to end in the USA. Watchmaker Mockin is passionate about helping bring America back to the forefront of the watch production industry. Individuals who share the owner's enthusiasm can become Kickstarter backers and lend their support to the company. In return, backers will receive a wide variety of rewards, from branded t-shirts to limited-time LeatherTime watches. Early bird special deals are still available, so individuals looking to back the project should visit the Kickstarter page to make their pledges soon.

For more information about Zayger Watches, visit the company online at Customers can also find the company on Facebook at or follow Mockin on Twitter at, where the watchmaker posts his thoughts on restoring and creating high-end timepieces with the latest technology.

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