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ZeroDesktop Announces Strategic Partnership with to Deliver Real-time Collaboration and Comprehensive Online Desktop Sharing Solution

SAN FRANCISCO, March 29, 2011 — Web 2.0 Expo — ZeroDesktop™, Inc., provider of revolutionary, next-generation Web Desktop solutions, today announced a strategic partnership with, Inc., a real-time interactive group discussion platform. The integration of ZeroPC™ ( with Talkwheel™ ( provides a complete "round table" collaboration solution which enables consumers, education and business users to communicate online as a group as well as share their files and content simultaneously.

The Talkwheel platform is a real-time interactive discussion platform built around group conversation. Talkwheel was created due to the teams' frustration with current discussion models on the Web. Email, IM and forums are all formatted in a static and linear manner which is fine for one-on-one chat, but hinders any sort of effective group interaction. Talkwheel, by visually mapping and filtering real-time conversations, creates an intimate and enjoyable group discussion venue that allows groups to interact and share information with each other at higher levels than anywhere else on the Web. Users can further establish their online identities by organizing conversations around their own unique traits and views.

"There are great synergies between the vision and technology offerings of both ZeroPC and Talkwheel to dramatically enhance collaboration between groups of people," said Young Song, Chief Executive Officer of ZeroDesktop, Inc. "ZeroPC further enhances organized real-time online discussions and the overall user experience by enabling people to share their documents, photos or various social content while interacting together online."

Launching this week at the Web 2.0 Expo San Francisco, ZeroPC is a revolutionary lifetime desktop in the cloud that is designed to change the way that users share their digital content with friends and colleagues. Consumers, schools and business users can easily unify documents, photos, videos, email and social content to store in one secure repository for accessing and sharing with others using any browser and Web-enabled device, or collaborate with others by transferring their entire desktop experience online. ZeroPC requires no subscription fees – end-users simply pay-as-they-go for the amount of service needed.

"The most natural way we as humans have group discussions in the real world is to sit around a table and clearly seeing who is talking to whom – so that is the dynamic we are capturing online," said Jeff Harris, Chief Executive Officer of, Inc. "With Talkwheel and ZeroPC, users have a better, more comprehensive way to create, connect and share their online content instead of endless scrolling through numerous emails or messy tweets."


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About ( is a San Francisco-based startup company whose mission is to push the Internet into a new age of communication. The Talkwheel patent-pending technology is a real-time interactive group discussion platform whose roundtable design captures the natural flow of in-person conversations online. By visually mapping the conversation, Talkwheel creates an intimate and enjoyable group discussion platform that has found proponents in such diverse areas as inter-corporate communication, e-learning and customer relationship management. In addition to North America, has operations in Europe and Asia.

About ZeroDesktop

Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, ZeroDesktop, Inc. ( is the provider of a revolutionary cloud-based "transferable desktop" that changes the way that users share their digital content with friends and colleagues. Using ZeroDesktop's new "ZeroPC" lifetime desktop in the cloud, users can move the full desktop experience online, unify their content into one secure repository for accessing and sharing between people from any browser. ZeroDesktop is headed by CEO Young Song, an entrepreneur whose career focus has been on bringing to market synergistic desktop computing products that deliver life-enhancing value to education, business and consumers. He founded NComputing, a $40 million venture-backed company with patented technology that leverages PC power and cloud computing to create a shared computing resource that connects multiple users at a low cost, and is used today by millions of customers in over 100 countries. He also co-founded eMachines, the low-cost computer brand that enabled affordable PC ownership and Internet adoption for consumers (later acquired by Gateway).

ZeroDesktop and ZeroPC are trademarks of ZeroDesktop, Inc. Talkwheel is a trademark of, Inc.

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