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ZeroPC, ‘Transferable, Lifetime Desktop in the Cloud,’ Debuts Globally and at Web 2.0 Expo San Francisco

Changing the Way People Create, Connect and Share Their Lifetime Digital Content Online

SAN FRANCISCO, March 29, 2011 — Web 2.0 Expo – ZeroDesktop™, Inc., provider of next-generation Web Desktop solutions, today announced its global launch of ZeroPC™, a revolutionary cloud-based "transferable, lifetime Web desktop" that empowers consumers, schools and business users to securely move their full desktop experience online using any browser and Web-enabled device. ZeroPC provides the most comprehensive and functional desktop in the cloud with its rich combination of supported Web apps, local apps and native apps ranging from productivity tools to collaboration to social networks. ZeroPC users only pay for what they use, and there are no subscriptions required or software to install.

Turning Your Browser into a PC

Using ZeroPC ( as a virtual desktop with an advanced central repository for all of their content, users have confidence that they are always connected to their valuable files, documents, photos, videos and other content wherever they go and from any device.

"In our Internet-connected world, we all have digital content and applications that have become scattered across multiple devices and websites with too many logins to remember," said Young Song, CEO of ZeroDesktop, Inc. "Cloud computing is becoming a vital part of everyday life, and ZeroPC makes it easy to not only consolidate your documents, photos and other personal or business files, but for sharing your virtual desktop and collaborating with others online. We are pleased to provide the complete ZeroPC service to customers in Asia and Europe, as well as the USA."

"Create, Connect & Share" Highlights of ZeroPC:

Unified Content. ZeroPC users can easily unify, consolidate and manage all of their digital content into one secure place for accessing and sharing between people using any browser and any Web-enabled device. ZeroPC doesn't require learning any additional programs in order to organize and un-scatter content. It utilizes familiar user interfaces to a Windows-like environment with multi-windowing, "drag & drop," right click, icons, themes, start menus and shortcuts.

Deep integration with popular Web services. The accounts manager utilizes a single sign-in to automatically access Facebook, Flickr and Twitter, and Web storage providers including Google Docs, and SugarSync. Familiar "drag & drop" processes facilitate copying and pasting content from one service to another without opening separate browsers. Facebook enthusiasts can browse all of their friends' photo albums using a single click.

Transferable Desktop Makes Sharing Content Easy. With a few simple clicks, users can easily select any content they want to share, customize their virtual desktop "look and feel," and then publish the desktop to share with anyone. The designated friend or colleague will receive a secure URL to instantly log in using any browser, and will gain full access to content and desktop applications in the shared desktop. Users can specify any desired duration for sharing their desktop content – up to a few days to weeks for collaboration on group projects, a few months for clubs/organizations, or indefinitely for sharing with friends or family. Unlike other services, ZeroPC will automatically disable sharing after the publishing period expires without the need to manually delete files or remove user access.

Interactive "Round-Table" Collaboration. Through ZeroPC's strategic partnership with, users can have real-time communications online as a group, plus share their documents, photos or social content while interacting together.

Universal Inbox & Messenger. Users can aggregate and manage all their personal and business email accounts and social networking messages in a single location. It is convenient to read and reply to Gmail, Yahoo or other IMAP accounts, plus Facebook and Twitter messages. Universal messenger enables users to automatically sign in to all their IM accounts with popular services from one place, see people online and chat with friends directly from a browser.

Pay Only for What You Use. Starting from only $1 per month, users have full access to all of ZeroPC's rich functions and applications, and up to 50GB of storage for their content. End-users are not required to pay any subscription fees, and simply "pay-as-they-go" for the amount of data transfer and storage needed. Typical usage may range from $2-3 per month, which is a significant savings compared to other subscription models. Customers who sign up now will receive $10 in welcome credits to try the ZeroPC service.

Bundled Productivity Suite in a Browser. ZeroPC provides applications to help users stay productive wherever they go. ZeroPC includes the ThinkFree Online Office Suite that looks, feels and delivers the performance of familiar Microsoft productivity tools. Consumers, schools and business users can create new word processing documents, spreadsheets and graphic presentations, or open, edit and share existing Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents previously created on local computers. ZeroPC users do not need to pay any extra licensing fees for the robust capability of ThinkFree office productivity tools, and no additional software installations are required to instantly access, create and share documents and files anywhere.

Global Security. ZeroPC uses high-quality, redundant  servers hosted by Amazon Web Services in multiple worldwide locations to store all user content and data. Utilizing Amazon's reliable infrastructure Web services platform in the cloud enables the ZeroPC service to be available to global consumers, schools and businesses.

Personal Safety Box. ZeroPC users can securely lock away all of their confidential documents, files, photos and personal keepsakes in their own safety box which no one else can open. It is designed with an additional security layer and dual-password protection. Because ZeroPC resides in a cloud, users never have to worry about computer crashes or viruses that may corrupt important documents, letters, photos or other valued items.

Electronic "Sticky Notes." It is fast and easy to post reminders, to-do lists, Web links, phone numbers, birthdays, or jot down thoughts all in one place online – and access them from anywhere.

Desktop Personalization. ZeroPC can be easily personalized to fit users' tastes by changing desktop themes or background wallpaper, and customized by adding their favorite applications and removing the ones that aren't important.


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About ZeroDesktop

Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, ZeroDesktop, Inc. is the provider of a revolutionary cloud-based "transferable desktop" that changes the way that global users share their digital content with friends and colleagues. Using ZeroDesktop's new "ZeroPC" ( lifetime desktop in the cloud, users can move the full desktop experience online, unify their content into one secure repository for accessing and sharing between people from any browser. ZeroDesktop is headed by CEO Young Song, an entrepreneur whose career focus has been on bringing to market synergistic desktop computing products that deliver life-enhancing value to education, business and consumers. He founded NComputing, a $40 million venture-backed company with patented technology that leverages PC power and cloud computing, to create a shared computing resource that connects multiple users at a low cost, and is used today by millions of customers in over 100 countries. He also co-founded eMachines, the low-cost computer brand that enabled affordable PC ownership and Internet adoption for consumers (later acquired by Gateway).

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