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ZZ, Inc. Launches New Status-Sharing Software, zzStatus

New App Communicates an Individual's Availability in Real Time, Automatically

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — ZZ, Inc., a developer of easy-to-use software, today announced its launch of zzStatus, a versatile new program that automatically communicates to users whether an individual is currently available for conversation.

"How often do you try to call someone, only to have them call you back later to tell you they were on the phone?" said James Allred, ZZ, Inc.'s director of marketing. "Wouldn't it be great if you could see whether they're busy on the phone or in a meeting before you call? With zzStatus, now you can."

zzStatus detects when someone is busy using applications such as Skype, GoToMeeting, WebEx and RingCentral on their PC, as well as integration into Asterisk-based phone systems.   It won't show the person as busy until they are actually on a call or in a meeting—and it will communicate this status instantly and automatically, eliminating the need for a user to update their status manually. Then, when the Skype call ends or the GoToMeeting conference comes to a close, zzStatus automatically updates the individual's status again to show that they are now available.

The program also has an Android app that shows when an individual is on a call on their Android phone, as well as integrations into many other software applications.

Additionally, zzStatus's integration of Google Talk means that if a user wants to chat with someone who, for example, is on a Skype call, the program will display a Skype icon next to that individual's name in Google Talk to indicate that they are not currently available.

This functionality is expected to be particularly useful for office staff.

"I can't count how many times I've called a co-worker only to have them send me a chat that says 'OTP' meaning they are 'on the phone,'" said Heber Allred, CEO of ZZ, Inc. "Now that I have zzStatus, when I need to call someone or send them a text, I can instantly tell if they're already busy.

"For example, I can see when an employee is in an online meeting with a customer. Our employees frequently provide online demonstrations to customers that involve sharing a live, real-time view of the employee's computer screen to the customer—and it can be a big distraction for a chat to pop up on-screen when a customer is watching. Especially if that chat contains confidential or proprietary information."

ZZ, Inc. describes its new zzStatus product as the solution to a real-world problem, and further states that it is proud to share its benefits with the public. Additional information about this versatile and fully automated new status-sharing program is available at

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For more information about ZZ, Inc. or zzStatus, contact James Allred at (888) 943-6439 ext. 710 or Email.